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Jovan Cirkovic


Frankly, if I wasn’t a lawyer I would probably be an accountant (or something boring like that). But if I had chased my dreams then I probably would have been a hurricane hunter, brew master or basketball coach, or all of those at the same time.    

My family is my favourite escape from work, while beer with my old friends is the finest treat I could imagine.  

Belgrade is my home town and like most kids that were raised in Dorcol (objectively the best area in Belgrade) I refuse to live elsewhere.

My first job was in our family marketing agency during my high school. I was errand boy and administrative support.  I really liked the feeling of earning my pocket money back then.

Believe it or not I really like being a lawyer and Harrisons is THE place to practice law with a good atmosphere, fun people and the best office retreats.