“The firm continued working on high profile bond issues and continued to receive many instructions from international financial institutions.”

“Harrisons is very proactive and responsive. We use it consistently in Serbia and Montenegro – one client says.”

“The firm is a fixture in the region and has been present in Montenegro for 10 years. The firm acts as a bridge between legal and business cultures and is a strong choice for foreign clients seeking local expertise. Unlike many Belgrade based firms in Montenegro, Harrisons has four resident lawyers and is focused on growth since it has lined up more potential hires and plans to double the space in its office. It has good legal knowledge, is very efficient and responsive – one client says.”

 “In tough market conditions, Harrisons Solicitors has managed to have a very strong year.”

“It also has strong relationships with local and international banks and has offices in Montenegro and London, a trait unique among Belgrade’s firms.”

 “It holds the accolade of the longest-serving, international firm in the country, having opened in 2000  (in Montenegro) and is a favourite among foreign firms requiring local representation. While lawyers from Belgrade are often involved on deals it has three permanently based in Podgorica.”

“I think they are the most professional firm in this part of the world. It has a good reputation and I have always had a good experience with them compared to other lawyers. They are familiar with the environment, they have very good lawyers and they have a very good client focus,” says one client. Another notes the service was: “Really excellent”. Clients also praise the firm for its responsiveness.” 

“Harrisons has had roles in a range of prominent transactions concluded in Montenegro recently.”

 “The firm has a strong reputation on the market and is known for its ability to attract big-ticket mandates.”

“Whenever there are huge deals [it] somehow gets it.”

 “It is the only England-based law firm in the jurisdiction, and has offices in London and Montenegro as well as Belgrade.”

“The firm is no stranger to handling the big deals, and its stand-out transaction last year was described by the Serbian Minister of Economy as the “deal of the decade”.

“One client says: They were awesome. They were hard working and always got results.”

“They were excellent,” says one client. “They were quick to grasp ideas and were good on honing in on the issues.”

“The prospects for the firm look promising as it is involved with several large privatisation deals.”

 “The firm continues to be busy with large, complex international transactions, as well as in deals for domestic clients. The Serbian market has seen considerable slowdown over the past year, especially in real estate and privatisation work, but the firm, led by founder Mark Harrison, has been working on some notable instructions.”

 “Harrisons is an English law firm specialising in the Balkans, and is busy acting on the larger, complex international transactions it was set up to target. The Serbian market may not quite be ready for the likes of Linklaters- founding partner Mark Harrison’s old firm – to show an interest just yet, but the move has so far proved fruitful; and with potential EU membership on the cards, it is looking increasingly shrewd.”

“The firm has managed to capture a list of corporate and institutional clients who are pleased with what the firm offers. “They’re very good on the corporate and banking side of things, which is pretty big at the moment,” says one client. Harrison is an essential part of the firm’s success. A client says: “The guy’s got 20 plus years in the Balkans – he can work all over.”

“The firm has had its fair share of the big-ticket privatisation projects.”

 “The firm has also strengthened its capacity to handle international transactions over the last year. In November 2006 Harrisons became the first Serbia-based firm to open an office in London.”

“Harrisons is something peculiar,” said one market observer, and indeed it is. Set up by an English lawyer in 1997, the practice is a success story for foreign enterprise, and now advises clients from across the world and Serbia itself, including the country’s own government.”

“Everything I need, I receive on time – they have very good coordination, said a client.”

“Harrisons Solicitors has been active in Belgrade since 1997 and is highly regarded by peers and clients for consistently providing “expert advice.” Undoubtedly one of the leading firms in Serbia and Montenegro, its lawyers in Belgrade are able to conduct business in French, Serbian, German and English and, through its office in Podgorica, it is well placed in the market to secure a solid amount of local work.”

„an extremely strong corporate and commercial team“

“Harrison’s well-developed and extensive regional links”

 “The firm is particularly recommended for its corporate advice”