Ivan Pejovic


Apart from being a lawyer, Ivan is a passionate sports lover, Football Referee & Coffee Addict. He constantly roams about Mad Men over and over again.

In spare time he`ll be watching football and arguing about last night’s controversial referees’ decisions. You will not come cross bigger dog lover. His biggest wish is to take his dog Leo with him to the office and courts, but for some reason (I don’t know why) the judges (both in court and on the pitch) don’t like the idea. We wonder why.

He says that we give him hard time to cope with fitness and weight goals, as we tend to bring cake or other sweets almost every day, because it is somebody’s birthday somewhere, or it is Tuesday… or Wednesday… or… you get the idea. But he`s not right!

He`s adamant about watching exclusively movies and shows with 7.5 or higher ranking on IMDB. Needless to say – we are hoping to reduce ranking of Mad Man on IMDB.