Mark Harrison 2

Mark Harrison


I love the sound of laughter, so if you do not have a sense of humour do not bother to apply to join our firm. Loyalty is also key. Hence why I love working with the people at our firm. It’s fun!

To everyone I say “Carpe Diem” as life is definitely not a dress rehearsal.

I am a great believer in fate and determinism.

If I wasn’t a lawyer I would be slimmer and off my daily medication.

I love movies and my favourite film is “The Firm”, I mean, what else? If a movie was being made about my life I would have liked Robin Williams to have played me, as he never took himself seriously. I do not take to people who look down on others or make something out of their position. I take people as they are, at face value.

At work I get real satisfaction from “beating the competition”, whilst away from work I am still training to be a mixologist.

Music wise I will whistle “Don’t worry, be happy” by Bobby McFerrin at work and when I drive home it has to be “The boys of summer” by Don Henley.

By the way I also once snogged Princess Margaret the Queen’s sister-I blame it on the tea….

The office says: “We have to be careful here, as he is the boss, but he has “put a little weight on” since he came to Serbia and his hair is now totally grey. He is the only person in the office who eats Big Macs, wears braces (only Americans say suspenders and he doesn’t wear those!) and also Buddhist wrist bands from Cambodia and has a fish-tank full of baby sharks named after local lawyers. Apart from that he is perfectly normal!”