Milan Keker 2

Milan Keker


You can always hear music behind Milan`s desk. His car, office and even cell phone background are all heavily branded in Pink Floyd motifs. Of course, being a huge fan of music, he is completely deprived of any musical talent, including singing. Unfortunately, he is not aware of that, and is regularly “cheering up” colleagues with selected tunes.

Milan is a very avid reader and you can always ask him for a reading advice. Do not be surprised if he suggests books related to WWII, psychology or crypto-currencies, as for some reason these are his main interest spheres, apart from cars (see below). When he gets interested in the topic he will obsessively research everything he get his hands on and will gladly share information with anybody interested.

Most of all, Milan is your car guy. The amount of information he has on tap in all things car related is immense. We have no clue how he does it, but if you need information whether 2006 Subaru Forester boxer diesel with 140,000 km is a good buy, he is your guy.

If he wasn`t lawyer, he would be Jeremy Clarkson, of course.