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Vera Vucelic Radunovic


I spend all my spare time traveling, during which time colleagues say they prefer not to visit social media networks as I relentlessly inform them on what they are missing out on. Although I think I would be a beer brewer and have a small pub (or bakery) if I wasn’t a lawyer, my colleagues disagree and say I would be a travel guru/blogger (I even almost became a croupier on a cruise boat in pursuing my two passions – traveling around the world and playing cards!).

 Further, I enjoy epic fiction/sci-fi novels and movies, beer in all forms, company of my dog Coco, and scouting new kafanas in Podgorica, Belgrade and beyond.

 Although Vera seems gentle, especially when she comes up with “great” ideas for office decor (including but not limited to installing slides, converting our conference room to a game room/nap room/puppy pound/zen room, etc.), her colleagues want to add a following warning: Vera is definitely not a morning person- make sudden moves or speak with her before she finishes her coffee at your own risk!